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The Highway to Inner Peace

The Highway to Inner Peace Jenn Prothero

We have become accustomed to a world that is seemingly full of chaos and negativity. Our lives have been filled with news reports that confirm that we have lost control of all the good in the world. The older we get, the faster things change—the bar of good taste gets lowered and the young get away with craziness. Or so it seems.

Yes, the weather patterns have changed; they seem more severe and create more damage. But look on the positive side—we have all had the urge to pray for those affected. We have sent resources when possible, digging not only into our pockets, but also our hearts. This is a very important view to observe. Tragedy may be urging us to do this, but we are doing it nonetheless. This brings to mind the saying used by many of our like-minded friends: "Change or be changed." I wonder what would happen if we just prayed and sent love to everyone everyday? Could we avoid some of the chaos in the world?