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Fill the Atmosphere with Love

Fill the Atmosphere with Love Metatron through Lois Noonan

Greetings, I bring you love and information on how to live in these times. It is important to understand what is going on in your world. Obviously, negativity is being uncovered and replaced by equality. Equality as truly intended means that every soul is equal in the eyes of the Creator. The source cannot create otherwise, nor does it choose to do so. Every soul is entitled to love, light, laughter, and the necessities of life. The big leap is to see this happening on planet earth.

Miracles are possible, and you know this in your heart. So start from there, slip into your own heart, and discover what it is you love to give. All loving offerings are guaranteed to bear fruit, but you do not need to check on this. Give, let go, and give again and again. Truly we can spread this all around the world. With the speed of messaging these days, it will not take long. You can communicate with the other side of the world in seconds, but love directly from the heart moves even faster.