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Emerging from the Illusions And Distortions of Survival

Emerging from the Illusions And Distortions of Survival Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

Greetings to you, wondrous beings! It is our great pleasure to be speaking with you on the topic of discernment and interpretation. Then we would proceed in this manner. Within your journey through discovery of truth and the more of who you are, moments arrive each day that invite you to experience the exact moment as it is.

What do we mean by those words? Within the fabric of your conscious discernment, there are patterns that rest within your perceptions and even more so within the conclusions that you at times readily reside within. Why do you do this? In order to proceed within your day, within that moment. And while this is a most natural process, we would speak with you of a slight shift. Possibly this is a change in your manner—a change for the sole purpose of a gift to yourself of the spark of creation in the moment.