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Balance in Partnership: Working with Flower Essences

Balance in Partnership: Working with Flower Essences Dr. Tobi Redlich

Flower essences vibrate with the soul and awaken particular qualities in it, just as strumming the C-string on a guitar will cause the same note to vibrate on another guitar in the same room. And just as a piece of music—sound vibrations— may move your soul, flower essences heal by resonance.

Flower essences are liquid extracts generally taken orally to address profound issues of emotional wellbeing, soul development, and mindbody health. They are prepared by sun infusion: When the flowers of a particular plant are in full bloom, the blossoms are cut and placed in a bowl of spring water. The bowl is then placed in sunlight for several hours to infuse the water with the vibrational essence of the flower. The blossoms are then discarded, and the water—which now holds the essential vibrational blueprint of the whole plant—is further diluted and preserved in brandy. Each drop of the essence is a holographic imprint of the entire configuration of the plant's archetype.