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The New Flower Essences: Combining Ancient Technology with Future Science

The New Flower Essences: Combining Ancient Technology with Future Science Natalia M. Schotte

Flower essences are a profound form of energy medicine and have long been part of the tradition of Earth-based and shamanic healing. For millennia, healers of all descriptions have accessed and utilized the intelligence inherent in nature for a variety of purposes, particularly personal transformation. From Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to the Aborigines of Australia, civilizations around the world have revered the power of flowers and used flower remedies for emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. Paracelsus, the fifteenth-century botanist and physician, wrote specifically about collecting dew from flowering plants, diluting it, and using the liquid to treat imbalances in his patients.

The New Flower Essences

In recent times, this ancient technology has experienced a significant evolution, becoming one of the most potent forms of natural healing available for assisting us in meeting the unique challenges of our times. As the speed of change escalates and our individual and collective challenges intensify, it is time to allow nature to guide us to solutions to our most perplexing problems.

There are flower-essence practitioners doing pioneering work in the fields of health and spirituality. They are at the leading edge of new thought and are laying the foundation for future science. The traditional remedies are still effective for their intended purposes; however, flower essences holding new patterns of consciousness provide solutions at a level that has not previously existed, assisting us in addressing challenges we have never faced before. They support our development into more evolved, spiritually mature, and vital human beings.