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The Seer Almine: The Restoration of the Divine Masculine and Feminine

When Atlantis sank — approximately 200,000 years ago, 75,000 years ago, and 12,000 years ago — the masculine psyche of all life on Earth was damaged. Although poisonous gasses had killed most on the surface 800,000 years ago, the terror was less and the psychological scarring likewise. The four great bands of compassion — vast frequency bands that constitute the four directions — separated during these catastrophes.

An Excerpt from Journey to the Heart of God

Understanding the four bands of compassion found within the Infinite and its creation is a bit like discovering the Fibonacci sequence for the first time. Once you know them, they suddenly become apparent in life's expression all around you. The four bands of compassion will be found to provide the pattern for evolving life everywhere, from conflict resolution and social and relationship stages to sexual development.

The Stages of Sexual Development

The sexual stages of humanity pertain to the way the opposite sexes relate to one another and move through the bands of compassion from the top to the bottom during identity consciousness. Immediately preceding God consciousness, they begin moving from the bottom to the top, symbolizing the blue road home.